SRPNetOS Deliverable

What will be SRPNetOS's deliverable to business, people and society?

We facilitate innovation for creating a safe and secure infrastructure for people, businesses and society to create relationship, share information and perform transactions. This includes ownership, security, privacy, control and accountability related to all aspects of digital communications.

Business Deliverables will Include:

Business Vision:

Businesses need the freedom to safely create relationships, perform transactions and share information with others.

Privacy Vision:

We need an infrastructure to support freedom to choose who to share information and interact without fear of theft or loss of health, wealth and proviacy.

Technical Deliverable will include:

SRPNetOS is a standard architecture implementation, meaning security, relationship management for users, devices and businesses is integrated into the infrastructure. Technical operations related to monitoring, management of bad behavior and issue resolution is part of the infrastructure.

How will SRPNetOS be purchased and supported?

SRPNetOS core will be related as an open source project. Businesses will be able to implement, monitor and support SRPNetOS inhouse or obtain a managed infrastructure service from a provider.

The above image depict the nature of SRPNetOS and Infrastructure.

SRPNetOS is policy drive.

  • Policy defines the information, operation and core communication processes. (Right side of image)

  • Policy outup is infromation and services defined by business users through policy. (Left side of image)