What is the Secure Relationship Protocol (SRP)?

SRP is a relationship driven infrastructure to secure businesses operations, information, devices and people.

SRP Network Operating System (SRPNetOS):

SRPNetOS merges the network with core information technology operations including access control and information management to create a new policy driven architecture.

SRPNetOS Reference Architecture:

SRPNetOS reference architecture standard is under development with the Object Management Group, under Middleware and Related Services (MARS). 

Business Vision:

Businesses need the freedom to safely create relationships, perform transactions and share information with others. 

Privacy Vision:

We need an infrastructure to support freedom to choose who to share information and interact without fear of theft or loss of privacy and information.

Problem:  The Internet is not safe or secure.
We spend and lose too much because:

The internet’s ‘father’ says it was born with two big flaws:

Vint Cerf, outlines how the Internet’s original architecture had two basic flaws: too little address space and no security. Troy Wolverton, Jan. 21, 2019

Project Mission

The Goal is to create a  SECURE protocol and architecture to move beyond the limitations of current infrastructure so that security, privacy, control and accountabiliy is realized for all users.

How will this be accomplished?